Top 10 Luxury Sports in the World (Expensive in 2022)

Let’s see the most luxury sports in the world played by the rich people as it is known to the expensive sports in 2022.

We all have played some sort of sports in our life. Although most of the sports are not so expensive, a few luxury sports in the world are costly, making it hard for common people to participate in them. Here is a discussion about the top 10 luxury sports in the world that are exciting and fun but will empty your pockets.

#Let’s see the top 10 luxury sports in the world in 2022

01. Golf

First Played Country: 15th century, Kingdom of Scotland
First Played Year: 1764
First Played Club: Prestwick Golf Club
Equipment: Ball, clubs, tee
Olympic: 1900, 1904, 2016, 2020
Team Members: any number of people
Benefit: good for your heart

top 10 luxury sports in the world: Golf

Golf is the most luxurious sport in the world played by the luxury people in the world. Golf started its journey in Scotland, and now it is a world-famous and quite expensive game to play for the elites. It is quite expensive compared to the other sports because of its uniform, course fees, membership, and equipment. Also, the golf carts and equipment can cost thousands of dollars, increasing over time.

The additional accessories like balls, towels, markers, and tees with a complete set of golf clubs might cost you a fortune. This is why golf is considered a sport that suits the rich and elites. However, there are many tournaments like the U.S Open Championship, The Master’s Tournament, and the U.S PGA Championship, which arranges golf tournaments worldwide, and players of different kinds can participate in them.

02. Tennis

First Played Country: 19th century, Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
First Played Year: 1873
First Played Club: Leamington Tennis Club
Equipment: Ball, racket, net
Olympic: 1896 to 1924, 1968, 1984, 1988
Team Members: Singles or doubles
Benefits: lowering resting heart rate and blood pressure, increasing bone density, lowering body fat improving metabolic function.

top ten luxury sports in the world: Tennis

Tennis is a popular sport and one of the luxury sports in the world that everyone knows of. However, seeing Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal battle in a Grand Slam battle might be exciting, but we miss out on the fact that they have invested so much money to get there. A study by the U.S Tennis Association has shown that a professional tennis player might have to bear 143,000 dollars in a single season.

Most money goes into paying the international travel bills and the coaching fees. Traveling across the world and attending different tournaments is the only way to become a good professional tennis player. There are lots of tournaments happening all over the world throughout the year. You can check out the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open, which require the participants to travel frequently from one country to another. 

03. Pentathlon

First Played Country: 708 BC, Ancient Greece
First Played Year: 1912
First Played Club: Ancient Olympic Games
Type: fencing, swimming, horse riding, pistol shooting, and running
Benefits: building greater consistency, motivation, and new skills

top 10 luxury sports in the world: Pentathlon

Pentathlon is also considered the most expensive and luxury sport in the world. It is not a single sport but a total of five different sports events. It includes shooting, show jumping, running, fencing, and swimming. The word comes from a Greek word where Pente stands for five and Athlon stands for competition. The five events test the five skills of a 19th-century soldier, which is why there are five different events. However, preparing for these events is an easy thing.

You will require individual training for each event which will not come cheap. Not to mention you will need separate gears for each one too. The most exciting and expensive part of this sport is owning and maintaining a horse. Having a horse can be costly. This alone can make this sport one of the most expensive sports around.

04. Hot Air Balloon Racing

First Played Country: Paris, France
First Played Year: 1783
First Played Club: The Albuquerque International
Equipment: envelope, basket, and burner system
Benefits: increasing energy, producing a higher level of serotonin, etc.

top 10 expensive sports in the world: Hot Air Balloon Racing
Hot Air Balloon Racing

Hot air balloon racing is considered an expensive and luxury sport in the world. It might sound weird, but a race like this indeed exists. To be honest, it is quite a fun race and quite expensive too. Hot air balloons were first introduced in 1783. So if you want to purchase one hot air balloon all by yourself, the price would be about 200,000 dollars. It does not end here.

Inflating a hot air balloon will take more like 9000 dollars from you. Also, the pilot’s license will cost an extra 3000 dollars. However, do not forget about the 350 dollars you will have to pay for the safety inspectors and the navigation gears. Adding all the costs together, you will notice why it is on the world’s top ten luxury sports list.

05. Bobsledding

First Played Country: Switzerland
First Played Year: 1897
First Played Club: St. Moritz Bobsleigh Club
Equipment: helmets and skintight racing uniforms
Olympic: 2002
Team Members: Four-man

top 10 luxury sports in the world: Bobsledding

Bobsledding is a sport where you need to slide through an ice-covered natural or artificial incline with a sled. This requires two or four persons in it. BObsledding made its debut in the Olympics in 2002, and today it stands as one of the most expensive sports in the world. As the Bobsled itself costs a lot, approximately 25,000 dollars.

Maintaining and creating your own track can take up to millions of dollars. Also, you will need trainers to make the team members professional players. This will need more money as it is a team game, and every expense will get multiplied by four at the end, making this sport an expensive one. 

06. Ski Jumping

First Played Country: Olaf Rye, Eidsberg church, Eidsberg, Norway
First Played Year: 1808
First Played Club: Norway Club
Equipment: Skis
Olympic: 1924 (men); 2014 (women); 2022
Team Members: M Individual (50); L Individual (40); Team event (4)
Benefit: Enhance your performance

top 10 luxury sports in the world: Ski Jumping
Ski Jumping

Ski jumping is a popular sport in winter where the competitors slide down a curved ramp with their skis to achieve the farthest jump. However, the result depends not only on how high they can jump. It also depends on their aerial style and some other jump factors.

Ski jumping was added to the Olympics games in 1924. As the professional level Ski jumping is really expensive, the expenses of equipment, ski jumping slope, and coach end up in 100,000 dollars. So if you are not super-rich, the only way to participate in this is to get some sponsors.

07. Sailing

First Played Country: 18th century
First Played Year: 1896
First Played Club: NYYC
Equipment: goggles, gloves, a wetsuit, a life jacket, and a windbreaker
Olympic: 1900–present
Team Members: 1-6 member
Benefit: Increases agility

top 10 luxury sports in the world: Sailing

Nowadays, sailing is not just tying bamboo with ropes to sail over the sea. Modern-day sailing is now one of the most expensive sports globally. For this sport, you will need a sailboat which costs more than those expensive supercars. Also, maintaining a sailboat takes a lot of money.

Not to forget that you will need a crew to run it, taking some extra pennies. Moreover, when the competition season is off, you will need a dry place to keep your sailboat. While your sailboat is stored for months, you need to make sure it is well maintained so that it can come back on the water to sail again in the competition season.

08. Formula 1

First Played Country: Silverstone, England
First Played Year: 1950
Equipment: Car, Car Wings, Clocks/Stopwatches, Cockpits, etc.
Team: 10
Benefits: boosts the economy, Increased visibility, Tourism, etc.

top 10 luxury sports in the world: Formula 1
Formula 1

We all know how popular Formula 1 racing cars are. They are quite expensive too. Each Formula 1 car can cost over a million dollars. However, it will not come in cheap even if you decide to drive someone else’s car. Because then you will have to bring out your own sponsors that have deep pockets.

This sponsorship is not a cheap deal. Most of the minimum sponsors come in at about 200,000 dollars. Besides the cars and sponsors, you will need insurance for those fragile cars. Also, stay prepared to pay lots and lots of hospital bills as car injuries are a common factor in car racing. No wonder Formula 1 is one of the most expensive sports globally.

09. Equestrian

First Played Country: France
First Played Year: 1900
Equipment: saddles, stirrups, bridles, halters, reins, bits, and harnesses.

top 10 luxury sports in the world: Equestrian

Equestrian is a sport that requires a horse which is one of the most important and interesting sports in the Olympics. It requires the skill of vaulting, steeplechasing, driving, or riding with a horse. However, not everyone can participate in this sport as this sport needs you to buy, train, and thoroughbred a horse all by yourself, which can be really costly, reaching almost 200,000 dollars a year.

This makes this sport only suitable for the super-rich people who breathe out money. Equestrian is basically a three-day event known as Horse Trials where the ability of the horse and the rider is tested. This sport is expensive and a mixture of art and sport.

10. The Whitianga Festival of Speed

top 10 luxury sports in the world: The Whitianga Festival of Speed
The Whitianga Festival of Speed

The Whitianga festival of speed is held in New Zealand every year and is the most expensive sport in the world right now. This sport includes helicopter racing, car racing, powerboat racing, parachute swooping, and jet ski racing. You already get the idea how this is all about speed and money.

Getting a helicopter race with a car on the ground sounds fun and will take a lot of money to take place. All the sports will need billions of dollars to arrange and for maintenance. Therefore, it is no simple man’s game. This sport undoubtedly attracts a lot of spectators all around the world.

#Q/A on Luxury Sports in the World

Is the huge price worth it?

The huge price is worth it for the rich people. Those who cannot afford to participate in it can watch it as a spectator and have a great time without wasting much money.

What is the most expensive sport?

Formula car 1 is probably the most expensive sport in the world. Buying and maintaining a Formula 1 car itself will cost millions of dollars, let alone other additional expenses.

Who is the most expensive sports player?

Michael Jordan, a basketball player, is the most expensive player globally with the most earnings in a year. Followed by Tiger Woods, a golf player who is the second most expensive sports player.

Which one is the most luxurious sports car?

There are a lot of luxury sports cars, but the best luxury sports car of 2022 is the Chevrolet Corvette.

Which one is the cheapest luxury sports car?

Here is a list of a few cheap luxury sports cars-

  1. Hyundai Veloster with 275 hp
  2. Volkswagen GTI with 228 hp
  3. Dodge Challenger with 303 hp


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