The 10 Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas in 2022

I am sharing the top 10 luxury kitchen design ideas 2022 of the contemporary world because your kitchen deserves your attention.

You can simply keep a stove in the kitchen and cook food. That’s ok, but if your dream is to make your kitchen, the central point of your home then you should go through this article. One important thing you should know is that kitchen is the most important room in your house.

These best kitchen design ideas 2022 will not cost you a lot but give you an aristocratic look to your kitchen. You will get a clear conception of price, cost, materials, designer, design, attractions, etc.

Let’s see the top 10 luxury kitchen designs in 2022 including the pricing ideas and beautiful images.

1. Dream White Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas

Cost: $120K USD
Material: oak wood, steel, glass
Top designer company:
Garrison Hullinger Interior Design
Coffer like ceiling, Large area, Traditional curves in the interior design  
Customer’s recommendation:
76% worldwide
Type of the Design:

luxury kitchen design ideas: Dream White Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas
Dream White Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas

Approximately $1, 20,000 USD is needed for a full white wooden dream kitchen.  However, the amount can be larger if you want to customize the kitchen more. Such as, you can make kitchen islands more than one, where you can add many expensive glassy sinks, a number of trendy chopping pads or you can make an extremely large kitchen cabinet around the whole place. These will cost you about $70,000 more.

For a white kitchen, you can use white marble as the countertops for $20000. For customization, you can contact the company Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, because they are the highly recommended company now in 2022. The company demands $20,000 at least for their works. This is a famous design in Dubai. Did you see: Modern Kitchen Elements that you should have

2. U- shaped Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas

Cost: $100K USD
Attraction: Mermaid island in the center, wood flooring, large space, crown molding
Marble, Wood, glass
Customer’s recommendation:

luxury kitchen design ideas: U- shaped Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas
U- shaped Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas

A U-shape kitchen can fully change your home’s face. This type of kitchen often comes with a kitchen island in the center. This island can be customized; you can make a mermaid island with the real fish in it. Over the aquarium, a wooden plate sits where you can keep your kitchen-friendly things. This will cost you about $50,000. Do you know! Most Luxurious Kitchen Appliance Brands.

3. Luxury Basement kitchen Design Ideas

Cost: $500K USD
Attraction: Placement of the kitchen, attached basement bar, false lightings
Customer’s recommendation:
carpets, tiles, stone, marble
Flooring material:

luxury kitchen design: Luxury Basement kitchen Design Ideas
Luxury Basement kitchen Design Ideas

Homeowners like the idea of converting their basement into a kitchen. If you want to do this, then you have to plan it carefully with your contractor company such as kitchen king, the cost should be under your consideration too. As it is a place under the ground, you have to take serious care about the ventilation of approximately $3000 and fire safety of $2000 at least; otherwise, you will face problems like odor.

Generally, white color is used in this type of kitchen, as you will face the lack of sunlight here. By the way, a bar, the area can also be made here with approximately $8000.  Frank Masiella from north canton, Ohio, has a beautiful basement kitchen in his home, which coasted him about $4, 01,000.

4. Dramatic Luxurious Kitchen Design Ideas 

Cost: $700K USD
Attraction: False waterfall, different LED lights, very large area, works of shadow and light, Liner edge
Customer’s recommendation:
Lida Cucina
LED lights, wood, wire, tiles, carpets, wallpaper
Flooring material:
Spanish tiles

luxury kitchen design ideas: Dramatic Luxurious Kitchen Design Ideas
Dramatic Luxurious Kitchen Design Ideas

Usually a kitchen of this type plays with shadows and lights, edges are decorated with different colored LED lights which change automatically. As this kind of kitchen takes huge space, you can add a small, false waterfall with LED light works. Oasis Fountains is such a company that can help you make a false waterfall. 

Lightings will cost you about $1000. Smooth Spanish glossy tiles will be a smart match with the dramatic kitchen. Kitchen Appliances of Gaggenau and around breakfast bar in the island is a better choice. For color contrast, you should use the black leather chair in your kitchen.

5. Granite kitchen Design

Cost: $600K USD
Attraction: Use of granite, classy chandelier, plants on the top of the upper cabinet
Wood, tiles, Crystal fixtures
Flooring Material:

luxury kitchen design ideas: Granite kitchen Design
Granite kitchen Design

A granite kitchen will give your house a classy look. In this case, you can use tiles that look like marble. A combination of hardwood will go with this kitchen very well. Hardwood is very easy to maintain and it is a high-end one. You can use deep bowl granite sinks instead of steel sinks.

Because things made up with granite have great value here. Modern and sleek cabinetry of thousands of dollars will be a good match with this. Try to use expensive crystal fixtures and granite backsplashes to give a classy look to your kitchen. In the end, I will suggest you have plants on the top of the upper cabinet. This can cost you $900.

6. Rustic Dream Luxury kitchen Design Ideas

Cost: $100K USD
Rustic look, beamed ceiling, antique things, wallpaper
Customer’s recommendation:

luxury kitchen design: Rustic Dream Luxury kitchen Design Ideas
Rustic Dream Luxury kitchen Design Ideas

This kitchen will build a village in your modern home. If you add some dark appliances and furniture in your kitchen, and wallpaper that will support the rustic look, it will give you the best rural feeling in your room.

You can build a small kitchen island around the whole room with a glass-faced cupboard and in the center of the room; you can place the dining table.  A report of 2019 says that Canadian people have used this design more.

7. Luxurious Curvy kitchen Design Ideas

Cost: $128K USD
Attraction: Very detailed curves, light works, sleek outlook
Wood, stone, tiles, led, etc
Customer’s recommendation: 78%

luxury kitchen design ideas: Luxurious Curvy kitchen Design Ideas
Luxurious Curvy kitchen Design Ideas

You will get a huge amount of space to store things if you choose to make a kitchen like this. This type of kitchen is designed in such a way, that it provides many drawers in its curves.

You can create a contrast with red and white marble in your kitchen and set different LED lights under the curves to make the color more vibrant. A breakfast bar around the island, just like a circle, will give a luxurious look to the kitchen. At a glance: Most Luxurious Furniture Brands in the World

8. Giant island kitchen Design Ideas

Cost: $119K USD
Attraction: Large Island, large space, light works
Tiles, marble
Customer’s Recommendation:

luxury kitchen design: Giant island kitchen Design Ideas
Giant island kitchen Design Ideas

You have to build this kind of kitchen in a large and open living area. The kitchen island will be very large in this category. Here, your focus will be on the island. You can use marble on the surface of the island.

If you hang a big TV or a big lampshade just in front of the island, it will make your kitchen more luxurious. Usually, this kitchen comes with an L shape breakfast bar. As the countertop, you can use granite.  They say that they have 76%-satisfied customers.

9. Ornate Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas

Cost: $114K USD
Attraction: curved ceiling, matching kitchen appliance, inbuilt oven, many cabinets, inbuilt sink, and curved floor
Customer’s recommendation:

luxury kitchen design ideas: Ornate Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas
Ornate Luxury Kitche

This kind of kitchen is famous for its extraordinary interior works such as the curved floor, curved ceiling, curved cabinets and, matching interior design. Aluminum and steel panel is good here because they are comfortable for convex, concave, and undulating designs.

If you keep an inbuilt oven in your kitchen, it will upgrade the level of your kitchen. Hunter Douglas is best for the work. In addition, light work is necessary for this type of kitchen. Different LED lights can increase your ceiling and floor’s beauty. Cree and Eaton manufacture the best-LED light.

10. Backsplash king kitchen

Cost: $300K USD
Attraction: Amazing backsplash, LED light
Cabinet Solution Inc

luxury kitchen design ideas: Backsplash king kitchen
Backsplash king kitchen

A backsplash can really change your whole kitchen. The backsplash is more highlighted in this type. You can use luxurious tiles, as tiles are the most common thing. On the other hand, tiles are heat resistant. So I think for kitchen purposes tiles are best for the backsplash. Moreover, its glossy surface reflects the light and makes the kitchen more gorgeous.

However, tile is not the only option. You can go for marble, stainless steel, mosaic glass, etc. next you can think about the kitchen island. Making an island by matching its outer part with the backsplash will be great. Another gorgeous idea is to make an inbuilt cabinet, which will look like a wall until it is open. Cabinet Solution Inc is best for this kind of works. Lights can be used as well for highlighting the background.

These are some famous and luxurious kitchen design ideas that may help you to build yours.


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