Marshmello Net Worth 2022 (Christopher Comstock)

Marshmello whose full name is Christopher Comstock is a 28 years old young star. By profession, he is an American DJ and electronic dance music producer. By the time Marshmello’s net worth is increasing day by day.

As of 2022 Marshmello net worth is $75 million dollars. Marshmello is well known for remixing songs by Zedd and Jack U. He is the DJ, who collaborated with famous artists like Ookay, OmarLinx, Slushii, and Jauz.

marshmello net worth 2022
Net Worth $75 Million
Nationality United States
Born May 19, 1992
Education The Shipley School
Occupation DJ, record producer, internet personality
Height 5.11 Feet

Marshmello Net Worth 2022

Christopher Comstock’s (Marshmello) net worth is $50 million USD till 2022. His fans and earnings are increasing day by day as he is truly doing well in the music industry. Let’s see his net worth per year.

Marshmello Net Worth 2022 in million

Year Net Worth in Million Currency
2022 75 USD
2021 50 USD
2020 40 USD
2019 32 USD
2018 25 USD

Marshmello Some Biographical Info

Full Name: Christopher Comstock
Gender: Male
Spouse: Kelsey Calemine (Girlfriend)
Active Years: 2015 – Present
Awards: American Music Award
Musical Career-
Famous Song: Alone, Check This Out, Happier, Summer, Friends
Albums: Joytime (2016), Fornite Extended Set (2019), Joytime III (2019)
Genres: Future bounce, electronic, future bass, Music, gaming, cooking
Labels: Joytime, Collective, Astralwerks, Monstercat, Owsla, Geffen
Instruments: Digital audio workstation, keyboards, synthesizer, piano.

marshmello net worth 2022

Marshmello Earnings 2022

The album “Joytime” was released in January 2016 and it quickly made Marshmello a rich famous star. It entered the US Billboard 200 chart and peaked at number 5. It has a huge impact on Marshmello net worth.

A few months later, the electronic music producer performed at the well-known “Electric Daisy Carnival” in Las Vegas and that marked his first appearance at a big event. Let’s see Marshmello’s earnings per year:

Marshmello Earnings 2022 in million

Year Earnings in Million Currency
2022 45 USD
2021 21 USD
2020 12 USD
2019 12 USD
2018 19 USD
  1. Marshmello could earn $45 million in the 12 months before  June 2017, which was definitely inviting a huge amount of attention, including that from the likes of Forbes. He was listed in their annual ranking of the world’s highest-paid DJs.
  2. After earning $45 million just in a single year, people started to become curious about the true identity of Marshmello. Again Forbes comes forward to let people show  the picture and confirm that Marshmello’s true identity was Christopher Comstock who was known as the DJ Dotcom.
  3. Marshmello’s primary income is from performing  at concerts. Thanks go  to his unique sound which has enabled him to surpass some famous EDM DJs such as David Guetta in  terms of performance fees. According to Forbes, he is the fifth most expensive DJ all across the world.
  4. In 2018, Marshmello earned around  $23 million only from his concerts performance. He  also earns from music streams.
  5. His revenue from streams is still a mystery but  Marshmello  primarily a  music producer and DJ, and also he is one of the bestselling EDM artists. Apart from music, Marshmello is a successful  investor.
  6. In cooperation with  Michael Tierney, He started a marshmallow brand. Being a major stakeholder at Stuffed Puffs has allowed him to join a new revenue stream other than music.

Marshmello’s  Profession

He is an American disc jockey (DJ), electronic music producer, and also an internet personality who  started his career in 2015 and soon gained international recognition.

  1. Among some of his most famous songs are “Wolves”, “Friends”, “Happier”, and “Alone”, all of which are in collaborations with established artists such as Selena Gomez, Anne-Marie, and Bastille.
  2. Ever since he reached the peak of success, Marshmello has released three studio projects titled “Joytime”.
  3. In 2017, “Forbes” magazine named him one of the highest-paid DJs in the world.
  4. Beside his musical career, the Internet personality has entertained more than 45 million subscribers on his YouTube channel where he randomly posts music, gaming, and cooking videos.    
Christopher Comstock net worth 2022

Marshmello’s Career

Before the revelation of Marshmello’s identity, it has been frequently suggested that Marshmello is American DJ Christian Comstock and also known as Dotcom, whose style is similar to that of Marshmello’s.

Skrillex also addressed Marshmello as “Chris” in an interview. And today Marshmello net worth is one of the burning queries.

  1. In 2015 Marshmello posted his very first original single “WaVeZ” on his SoundCloud page. As the time went by he began to receive support from a number of established and well-known DJs.
  2. His debut album Joytime was released in 2016, which contains 10 songs, through his own label Joytime Collective. The album stood #5 on Billboard’s electronic/dance albums chart.
  3. During  the same year, Marshmello announced his Ritual Tour, where he performed in a series of countries including the United States, China, South Korea, India, and Paraguay.
  4. With a single titled “Ritual” he debuted on Skrillex’s OWSLA that featured American singer-songwriter Wrabel.
marshmello net worth 2022

Marshmello’s Musical Journey

Marshmello’s musical journey is unique and different from his previous identity- Dotcom. He is one of  the first among world-class DJs who has embraced the Trap sub-genre. Marshmello is  undoubtedly an unofficial Trap ambassador and a famous voice for young EDM lovers. To achieve this status, Marshmello has transformed himself as an artist. In his diverse discography, the following three projects  are outstanding

  1. Joytime (debut album) : After a few releases on SoundCloud, Marshmello finally released his first album. The album featured songs such as “Want U 2” and “Keep it Mello.”  No doubt Marshmello’s album was one of the best electronic albums in 2016 and 20 best DJs in the world in 2022
  2. ‘Alone’ (a single) ‘Alone’ is Chris’s most significant record since reinventing to Marshmello. As of July 2022, the song has achieved  over 1.7 billion views on YouTube and  a hundred thousand streams across different platforms. It has brought him a global platform.
  3. ‘Happier’ (track featuring Bastille) ‘Happier’ is undoubtedly an essential innovation in Marshmello’s discography.  The EDM producer, unlike most features, took a different way in terms of messaging. The 2018 song is dedicated to what it takes for one to be happy and, more importantly, the significance of letting toxic relationships go.

Marshmello’s Private Life

Since the beginning Marshmello has been managing his privacy. However, people have always associated him with Kelsey Calemine.

On this Valentine’s Day, Kelsey posted a photo with Comstock bringing to an end of the debate whether she is the Marshmello girlfriend.  Instead of tagging Comstock on his official Marshmello account, Kelsey opted for the older Dotcom account. However,  famous celebrities like Diplo did not stop poking fun at this decision of not tagging Marshmello’s faceless account.

Christopher Comstock net worth 2022

Marshmello’s Fame

Marshmello is famous, a good reason behind his fame is his funny personality and exciting music style. Alongwith  electronic and future bounce, the DJ has also produced many traps, future bass, and advanced house tracks.

  1. His first solo “Wavez” was posted on his SoundCloud account in early 2015. With his continuous release of  new singles on the online music platform, Marshmello caught the eye of several famous artists including Skrillex with whom he began friendship
  2. He started  receiving offers to perform in various festivals and special concerts such as “California’s Hard Day of the Dead”, “Miami Music Week”, “New York’s Pier 94”, and “Pomona”.

So his personality and creativity brought him to today’s limelight where he stands now. 

Marshmello’s Story to Success

The DJ became successful  in the late 2010s when he continued to participate in a series of festivals, concerts and music awards while collaborating with other artists. That year, he received a number of nominations for his work and won his first major award, that is, an MTV Europe Music Award in the category “Best Electronic”. Also in 2018, Marshmello released some of his unique  tracks – “Wolves” (featuring Selena Gomez), “Friends” (featuring Anne-Marie) “Spotlight” (featuring Lil Peep).

  1. His second album, titled “Joytime II”, was released in June 2018. The album turned out to be his first project to top a US Billboard chart (Top Dance/Electronic Albums).
  2. A few months later, in January 2019, Marshmello declared  his collaboration with the hugely-popular free-to-play video game “Fortnite Battle Royale”. The DJ arranged a virtual in-game concert and also released his own game-based merchandise. The concert was a big success, as it quickly entertained more than 10 million players in just the first day.
  3. In the summer of 2019, he had another hit release named “Joytime III”. It was just successful as his previous two. The album includes collaborations with several famous producers such as Crankdat, Wiwek, Flux Pavilion, Elohim, Slushii, and Bellecour.

Other than his music career, Marshmello is also a YouTuber who randomly posts cooking, gaming, and music videos, and also a philanthropist. He is an activist for the ASPCA campaign. Marshmello has also teamed up with famous gamer Ninja. He won a charity tournament organized by Epic Games with Ninja. Through this game  The two donated half of the million to various organizations specially children organizations.

Marshmello Award & Achievements

This famous DJ has won a series of awards in his career and  has been nominated for too many. He won the awards for

  1. А highest new entry in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs in the year 2016.
  2. He won the best use of vocal award in remix in 2017.
  3. The MTV Europe Music Awards nomination for the Best Electronic Song in 2018 (won)
  4. The Billboard Music Awards nomination for the Top Dance/Electronic Song in 2018
  5. The iHeartRadio Music Awards nomination for the Best New Pop Artist in 2019 (won)
  6. The iHeartRadio Music Awards nomination for the Dance Artist of the Year in 2019 (won)

Besides, he has been nominated for awards in many famous award shows like International Dance Music Awards, mtvUWoodie Awards, WDM Radio Awards, Radio Disney Music Awards and Electronics Music Awards and many more.

Marshmello Lifestyle

Marshmello earned up to $50 million over the past two years and all the credit goes to his super hits like “Happier” (with Bastille) and “Wolves” (with Selena Gomez).

  1. Nowadays he can afford to fly private.
  2. Along with his own cooking channel “Cooking With Marshmello,” his YouTube channel is now the 50th largest on the planet
  3. He achieved an average 250 million views and 1.4 million new subscribers every month.

All these pretty many sums up his lifestyle. Isn’t so?

marshmello net worth 2022

Philanthropist Marshmello

Being a believer in humanity he has given back to humanity in different ways since 2015. Some of his philanthropic acts include:

  1. In 2018, Marshmello collaborated  with Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, became the first winner of “Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am.” The duo donated $500,000 to a child organization.
  2. Also, Comstock was one of the active celebrities that raised voice in the Black Lives Matter Campaign. On an Instagram post he  insisted how important it is to respect all humans. He also contributed to the course by donating $50,000.

Beside his contribution to his innovative stream of music  all these activities explain why he is the most popular DJ/ music producer among the young fans.

As of 2022, Marshmello is one of the most influential internet personalities and  prosperous electronic music producers and DJs and there are obviously some strong reasons. After going through all his life you can easily understand that he is nothing other than his achievements.

Much of his early life is still a mystery to many, and he is also very  playful about his identity but what is more visible about him is his innovation, creativity and philanthropic mind. He works for his own success but never forgets to raise his voice for humanity. This high moral along with his hard work will surely lead him to his destination.


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