CarryMinati Net Worth 2022 with Hidden Lifestyle

CarryMinati whose real name is Ajey Nagar is a 22-year-old Youtube celebrity, comedian, singer, and composer who runs the famous Youtube channel CarryMinati. Being active since 2014 Nagar is now one of the most celebrated faces in the Youtube world from India, and he is the 76th most subscribed Youtuber in the whole country. You may also check Will Smith’s Net Worth.

His funny reaction videos on various trending topics have made his channel one of the most subscribed channels on the YouTube platform in India. As of May 2022; Ajey Nagar has achieved the Gold, Silver, and The Diamond YouTube play buttons. He has been producing content with the help of Deepak Char, his business manager.

carryminati net worth
Net Worth $5 Million (Rs. 38.37 Crore)
Nationality Indian
Born June 12, 1999 (Faridabad, India)
Education Delhi Public School
Occupation YouTuber, Comedian, Singer, Gamer, Roaster
Relationship Single

CarryMinati Net Worth 2022

Carryminati’s net worth 2022 is $5 Million USD that is 38.37 crore in Indian Money (Rupee). His net worth is significantly increasing day by day according to the popularity status. Fans and followers are increasing worldwide like Storm as well as the cash flow is increasing passively. Let’s see CarryMinati’s last 05 years’ net worth. 

Year Net Worth in Million Currency Indian Money
2022 5 USD Rs. 38.37 Crores
2021 4.3 USD Rs. 32.80 Crores
2020 4 USD Rs. 29.32 Crores
2019 3.1 USD Rs. 22.73 Crores
2018 1.1 USD Rs. 8.06 Crores

Ajey Nagar Some Biographical Info

Real Name: Ajey Nagar
Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight: 65 kg
Lives in: Faridabad, Haryana, Delhi, India
Family Member: Mother, Father, 1 Elder Brother
Religion: Hinduism
Hobbies: Playing Video Games
YouTube Career:-
Channel Name:
CarryMinati, CarryisLive.
Channel Start: 30 October 2014
Award: 2 Silver Play Button, 2 Golden Play Button, and 1 Diamond Play Button from YouTube.
Best Song: YALGAAR – CARRYMINATI X Wily Frenzy, Bye Pewdiepie, YOUTUBE VS TIK TOK: THE END, etc.

CarryMinati Income

As his videos are getting a lot of views he is getting brand endorsement deals. Also, CarryMinati’s monthly income is about $19,000+ USD. This number is not going to die down soon rather rapidly increase. Let’s see his yearly income.

Year Earnings in (Thousand) Currency
2022 1600 USD
2021 888 USD
2020 588 USD
2019 644 USD
2018 356 USD

Carry Minati Youtube Income and Stats:

Total Video Uploads 178 Videos (CarryMinati)
827 videos (CarryisLive)
Subscribers 35+ Million (CarryMinati)
10.8+ Million (CarryisLive)
Total Video Views 2.8+ Billion
Last Views in 1 Month 51+ Million
Monthly income (Estimated) 34K USD (Rs. 25+ Lakhs)
Yearly income (Estimated) 408K USD (Rs. 3+ Crores)

How CarryMinati Earned this Much

  1. CarryMinati income mostly comes from his Youtube channel of the same name. His 35+ million subscribers along with 2.8+ Billion views on his videos, which makes his channel the 3955th most viewed channel.
  2. According to Social Blade CarryMinati earns from Youtube anywhere between 8 thousand dollars to 130 thousand dollars per year.
  3. CarryMinati is also engaged with many brand endorsements and has few deals for his promotional videos from which he gets a substantial amount of money.
  4. CarryMinati also plays live streams on Youtube from which he earns money

Early life of CarryMinati

Ajey Nagar was born on12th June 1999 in Faridabad, Haryana, India. He went to Delhi Public School but dropped out in 12th standard to conduct his Youtube channel full time. He attended his 12th standard classes via distance learning and completed it accordingly.

  1. Nagar has been making videos when he was eight years old ( back in 2010) and he started uploading videos on his football skills on Youtube ( Stealth Fearzz) but it did not come out perfect.
  2. Then he started a channel, which was named AddictedA1, a platform where he used to roast well-known Youtubers. He also used to upload gameplay videos in which he often used to input voice-overs in the voice of Indian actor Sunny Deol.
  3. He was advised  to change his channel’s name to CarryDeol, which he changed to CarryMinati
  4. His first hit video was a roast of Indian YouTuber Bhuvan Bam of BB Ki Vines.
  5. According to Nagar, his parents played a supportive role in his career.
  6. H a diss track of the most popular Youtuber Felix Kjellberg aka Pewdiepie was released on his channel in response to Pewdiepie’s diss track against T-Series and got a huge response.
  7. His work is a huge success of his hard work, humor, and creativity.
carryminati net worth

Education of CarryMinati

CarryMinati decided to drop out when he was in 12th standard. He got very stressed during his 12th exams for his Economics paper. He later completed his 12th standard from distance education.

  1. CarryMinati is an inspiration for people who want to think out of the box.
  2. Dropping out of school is very common in the other part of the world but not in Indian subcontinent. But how he managed to pursue his education through distance learning inspired many young stars to think beyond traditions.

Career Highlights of CarryMinati

With around 30.1+ million subscribers CarryMinati has reached over 2,319,494,504+ views and is still counting. CarryisLive, his YouTube channel, has reached 9.09+ million subscribers achieving over 983,611,335+ views as of today. He achieved a gold play button after he crossed 1 million subscribers in 2017. 

  1. He worked with Wily Frenzy on the track Zindagi and Warrior.
  2. His diss track : Bye Bye PewDiePie.
  3. Video YouTube vs Tik Tok: The End  has reached 72,422,881 views in 6 days
carryminati net worth

Lifestyle of CarryMinati

CarryMinati net worth is about Rs. 15 crores. His house includes his family home in Faridabad, India. He has a passion for cars.

  1. CarryMinati owns two Toyota Fortuners worth Rs. 30 lakhs each which has been featured in his videos.
carryminati net worth

Achievements of CarryMinati

CarryMinati has achieved a lot of accolades for his work. He wants to go all out in the E-gaming space now and wants to make E-sports popular and change the perception about it in India. We wish him a lot of luck with his work.

  1. He was awarded among the 20 Young achievers under 20 by Sutra HR in May 2019.
  2. TIME Magazine enlisted him as one of the Top 10 Next Generation leaders of the world along with young stars like Greta Thunberg
carryminati net worth

Trending Everywhere

In the modern days where technology has become more powerful than ever, social media is also a strong way to gain popularity and massive assets which is no less than being an actor and a singer. And Carry Minati is one of those extremely successful young stars.

  1. He specifically targeted the Tiktok roasting YouTube content creators and CarryMinati perfectly nailed him.
  2. CarryMinati and #CarryMinatiroast started trending on twitter in India. The Tik Toker was trolled with the line ‘Bhag bhag bhag Aaya sher Aaya sher’.
  3. The title “YOUTUBE VS TIK TOK: THE END” has reached over 57,090,926 views (57 million) in just over 4 days and is still counting.
  4. Within 38 hours, Ajey Nagar became the first Indian Youtuber who has achieved 8 million-plus likes of his video upload Youtube Vs Tiktok: The End.
carryminati net worth

CarryMinati’s YouTube Channels

He began exploring the world of Youtube when he was only 10. It was a rumor that he has created an asset of Rs 10 crores at a very early stage. However, this allegation did not have any proof.

  1. CarryMinati owns two YouTube channels.  His primary channel where he posts videos of his roasting and his reaction videos is the most popular one. His second channel is named CarryisLive, where he shows Live Streams while playing games.
  2. The Channel’s name became CarryDeol in 2015 but it got a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive while mimicking Sunny Deol. Gradually, he renamed it to CarryMinati when he started roasting people.
  3. Widely known as CarryMinati or simply just Carry, the Youtube is complimented for his energetic and unique Hindi commentary.
  4. Besides gaming, he is also actively involved in making satirical comedies, parodies, and diss songs.
  5. Besides his team, Ajay Nagar makes use of a part of his house in Faridabad as a studio for contents.

Assets of CarryMinati

To our knowledge, the CarryMinati collection includes a Toyota Fortuner worth Rs. 30 lakhs. He is very passionate about love.

Fun facts of CarryMinati

01. Carry Minati has had the opportunity to interview some of the most popular global stars such as Henry Cavill, Tessa Thompson, and Tom Cruise among others.

02. The most popular video of CarryMinati is YouTube vs. TikTok – The End. The video was uploaded on May 8, 2020, and collected 75 million views, more than 10M likes, and over 8 lakhs comments before he was suspended from the platform for a while.

03. His most viral video Youtube vs. TikTok  has been removed from Youtube due to a violation

04. He has become a big inspiration for many kids and inspires them to show their talent on the Internet such as TikTok, Youtube, IGTV, and more.

05. In 2017, CarryMinati received a golden play button from Youtube after surpassing 1 million subscribers.

06. He is recognized for his frank and free conversation skills and also invites his peers to be straightforward to express their opinions on topics without hesitating.

07. CarryMinati Instagram, @carryminati, now has 9.9 million followers.

08. No authentic information has been revealed about what Carry Minati’s father does but rumors have been around that he is working as a manager in a Faridabad company.

09. He is very close to CarryMinati’s brother Yash Nagar.

carryminati net worth

CarryMinati is undoubtedly one of the most famous and richest Indian Youtubers today. Born on June 12, 1999, Carryminati’s age has just reached 22 but he is already one of the most famous names of the Indian YouTube community. He has started his youtube career at a very early stage and has such determination for his work that he dropped out of his education at  12th standard. It shows up that he follows his mind and not the trend. His parents also play a supportive role in his out-of-box life.

Ajay Nagar’s net worth shows that he is an established upcoming star who is not going to lose his chair anyway. His passion for venturing the E-Gaming world and the notion to introduce it in India in a new frame also shows that he has a revolutionary mindset. With this effort and hard work, his net worth is not going to die down for sure! All the best wishes to him.


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