8 Reason Why Kitchen is the Heart of the Home in 2022

The kitchen is the most important room in a home because it is the center of your day’s beginning & ending that’s why the kitchen is considered the heart of the house.

It is hard to find a person who hasn’t heard the phrase “Home Sweet Home”. It is said so because no matter how far you stay from your home or no matter for how long you have been out of your home, your heart will always stay at your home and you will not find any place closer to heart else but your home. Let’s check this year’s best kitchen appliance brands.

If it is so, then the kitchen is the heart of your house undoubtedly. If you think a little deeper, you will understand that kitchen is the lifeline of your home and family. Not only by its sentimental or nostalgic values, but the kitchen is the most important room of your house because of its economical, aesthetic, and social values too.

Doesn’t make sense? Let’s read out the following 08 points and see how the kitchen plays the most important role in your day-to-day household routine and more.

01. Food is Prepared in the Kitchen

It is said that the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach. Whether the myth is right or wrong, everybody loves delicious foods anyway!

The kitchen is the place where tasty and nutritious foods are prepared from raw ingredients. The kitchen is the place where the magic happens by the cook’s hand and heart. You may also like 10 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas.

why is the kitchen the most important room in a home
Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

Let’s see: Modern Kitchen Elements (Must Have in this year)

Make no mistakes; people have fought wars many times just because of food. Food is the first and foremost fundamental need of a human being and the kitchen is the place where this need meets its end.

Even if there are no more points or logic to declare your kitchen as the most important room in your home, this reason is single-highhandedly, strong enough to defend your claim.

02. Kitchen is the Heart of your Home

The kitchen of your house is quite like the “Greenwich”to everyone in the family. Just like time starts here, every member of your family is likely to start their morning in the kitchen. Whether to grab your breakfast or just to pour your favorite orange juice, you will have to go to the kitchen at least once a day. Even if you don’t go to the kitchen, someone will have to go for you for sure.

A survey shows that 90% of the people, married or single, start their morning by the kitchen space.

Kitchen is the Heart of the Home
Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

It is just not that you start your morning here and don’t go back in. The kitchen is also the place where delicious foods and snacks are made. There are many few among us who will not be tempted to check out what’s for dinner after smelling the beautiful aroma of food that emits from our kitchens. Let’s see how to redesign a small kitchen.

The kitchen’s usability doesn’t stop even after everyone is asleep. Wondering how the big bowl of ice cream is suddenly disappeared? Lock your kitchen in the night and you will have a very disappointing child in the morning.

03. First Childhood Memories are Created at Kitchen

Undoubtedly, life begins in the bedroom but it grows up in the kitchen, both by its literal and metaphorical meaning.

After a child is born, it grows up healthy and strong by eating the delicious and nutritious food prepared in the kitchen. Most of our first childhood memories are associated with the kitchen.

why is the kitchen the most important room in a house

Let’s see: Modern Kitchen Elements (Must Have in this year)

I mean, try to remember the first sight of the roasted turkey coming out of the oven on thanksgiving and that bright smile on mother’s face! Can anybody of us ever forget that? The joy in your heart when you made a perfect cup of coffee for the first time and your father compliments you for what a good cook you are! Or can you forget the memory of your sister’s helplessness seeing broccoli on the menu?

None of these beautiful and intriguing memories would have ever existed if there was no kitchen in the house.

04. Kitchen Socializes the Children

The kitchen is the first place where the children of your family learn to cooperate and help others. As human beings are social beings, this is a very important habit that grows up in the kitchen.

Kitchen is the Heart of the Home
Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

Most of the children in our families learn to do chores in the kitchen by helping mom or dad or other members of the house with making the table for dinner, washing the dishes after cooking or eating, and eventually, one day they will even learn to cut and cook. It is also the place where children first learn table manners and social etiquette.

I’m sure that many of us are having goosebumps remembering all those sweet memories of boyhood related to the kitchen. Isn’t that right?

05. Kitchen forms Strong Family Bonding

Many of the modern houses have a dining table or a dining space in the kitchen. It is where every one of the family gathers to eat food and share the day’s burdens. The stress of work is released here when every member of the family smiles and cuts innocent jokes.

Kitchen is the Heart of the Home
Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

It is where the young and new members of the family get to know everyone and conversations happen. There are definitely other places in the house for gathering but the kitchen is the only place where everyone gathers on a daily basis. That is why undoubtedly kitchen is the place where family bonding gets stronger.

06. Kitchen Helps to Create Healthy Lifestyle

Probably, this is the most surprising point in the whole article. Many lifestyle professionals and human behavior researchers believe that the kitchen plays the most important role in creating a healthy lifestyle.

There is a survey run by the ‘National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse‘ at ‘Columbia University’ states that children who ate homemade food with their families on a regular basis in their kitchen space, received higher grades and were overall happier than those who were not that lucky to get this chance.

why the kitchen is the heart of the home
Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

The survey also showed that the children of your family will also be less likely to use alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes if you can create the atmosphere of eating home-cooked meals together for at least 4 days a week.

The surveys clearly show how your kitchen helps you in creating a healthy lifestyle.

07. The Kitchen is Becoming the New Living Room

In the last two decades, kitchens are no longer just used for cooking and serving food. It has gained a whole new level of attraction.

In recent times, designers and builders are building homes with kitchens as living spaces in mind and as a result of that, these rooms became larger to better accommodate family and friends for social and religious gatherings.

They are also building kitchens that are open up to other rooms so that you can have easy access to the kitchen from your bedroom.  Many kitchens have large separate spaces to put your large and modern dining table or a comfy couch on that place and yet to give you free space to move comfortably.

Kitchen is the Heart of the Home
Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

Even if the home is not so well decorated and furnished but if it has a beautiful and large kitchen in it, most of the potential buyers are likely to show interest in it. That’s why new homes with beautiful kitchens are considered ‘the game changers’ in real estate businesses.

The idea of transforming the kitchen into a living space is becoming more and more popular and it is logical too. Why spend extra money on creating another room when you can beautifully create two rooms in the space of one?

08. Kitchen is the Place to Sharpen your Skills

Men or women, adult or children, qualified or not; everybody loves to show their excellence in cooking and your kitchen is the place where you can hon your looking skills. Cooking is not an easy thing to do. It takes real effort and practice to master the art of cooking.

Kitchen is the Heart of the Home
Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

So if you have a passion for cooking and a place to practice like your kitchen… Maybe one day Ramsay Gordon would also be pleased by you!


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