35 Benefits of Eating Gold with Edible Gold Type and Recipe

Literally, there are 35 benefits of eating gold, the 7 types of edible gold, and the 5 edible gold recipes available in the world.

Gold being a noble atom is safe for eating as it does not interact with any other metal within the body. A hundred percent pure gold is edible in 23 and 24 carats.

Gold is chemically symbolized as ‘Au’. It is a precious, soft, and yellowish metal mostly famous and known for making ornaments for ages. But surprisingly it has other uses too like eating, garnishing, skincare, medicinal power, and many more.

Is eating gold safe?
Can you eat gold?

Can you eat gold?

The European Union and the United States have authorized a particular type of gold for eating that is called edible gold, under the code of E 175. The edible gold is especially used for haute cuisine in extravagant meals. It is used in foods and beverages such as cake, ice cream, cookies decoration, sushi garnishment, wine, or other liquors. Edible gold does not oxidize in the air. So, gold can be eaten without any fear. You can see the most expensive foods in the world today.

Is eating gold safe?

Eating gold is safe because it does not oxidize or corrode in the air. Gold is also not biologically active. The purity of edible gold must be in 23 or 24 karat gold to be safe. The size of edible gold is very tiny. The size of the edible gold is almost 1 out of 8000 of a millimeter. As long as the gold is pure and edible, it is safe to eat.

What does gold taste like?
What does gold taste like?

What does gold taste like?

Edible gold does not have any taste of its own like other edible metals. It is very light in nature. The tongue will not feel any weight of the gold. It is slightly textured. But it does not make any difference though. As gold does not have any distinct taste, it can not enhance or change or affect the taste of the meal where the gold is used. It is just a luxurious decorative and garnishing item to add shine and sparkle to the food.

What is edible gold and how is it consumed?
What is edible gold and how is it consumed?

What is edible gold and how is it consumed?

Edible gold is a pure gold metal that is safe to consume. It is a noble and pure metal of 22, 23, and 24-carat gold that does not oxidize, corrode or react with other metals. It is biologically inert, non-ionic, and inactive gold that can be eaten and digested easily. The use of the edible is mainly as a food additive item.

Edible gold comes in powder, dust, liquid, flakes, and leaf form. One can wrap up a food item with gold leaf, sprinkle some dust or flakes on food, add liquid gold to any mixture, decorate any food item with dust or liquid gold, mix dust or flakes in drinks and so many things can be done to food with edible gold.

7 Types of Edible Gold in the World

Eating golden kiwi
Eating golden kiwi

1. Eating golden kiwi

Golden kiwi is nothing but adding gold dust to the kiwi. Gold dust or liquid gold gives a golden color to the kiwi. It is one of the most important benefits of eating gold.

Eating gold flakes
Eating gold flakes 

2. Eating gold flakes 

Gold flakes are popularly used for drinking items. Simply add some golf flakes to the drinks like champagne, cocktail, herbal liqueur, and others to make the drink extraordinary. Gold flakes are also eaten with salad, cakes, chocolates, chickens, and other food items as a decorating element.

Benefits of eating gold
Liquid gold 

3. Liquid gold  benefits                                                                

Liquid or colloidal gold has several health benefits other than just decorating foods and drinks. It gives a soothing and harmonizing effect on both body and mind. It stimulates the physical energy level, willpower, mental energy, and libido too. It reduces the effects of wounds, inflammation, and burn. Also, it works well for anti-aging and hair health. The benefits of eating liquid gold cannot be described in words.

Eating gold leaf
Eating gold leaf

4. Eating gold leaf

Gold leaf is basically edible gold used mainly for garnishing food items. It is pure, non-ionic, and biologically inert. Gold leaf is widely used for decorating cakes, chocolates, desserts, candies, cocktails, meat items, and other meals. Adding golf lead to the foods is a treat to the eyes and makes the foods priciest one.

Eating gold powder
Eating gold powder

5. Eating gold powder

The gold powder can be used in foods and drinks to immediately make them luxurious, attractive, extraordinary, and pricey at the same time. You can dust gold powder in any food of your choice and have the food with gold powder. Similarly, you can add the gold powder to any drink item and shake well to mix up the powder with the drink. Thus you can be benefited from eating gold powder with any food or drink items you want to have.

Eating gold and silver
Eating gold and silver

6. Eating gold and silver

Pure gold and silver can be consumed in non-ionic and inactive forms as food additives, decorating, or garnishing items. Edible gold and silver both are now available in flakes, dust, leaf, crumbs, powder, and liquid form. Also, supplements are found for both edible gold and silver.

What is edible gold made of?
What is edible gold made of?

7. Gold leaf chocolate

You can use gold dust, flake, or leaf onto the chocolates to add a lustrous factor. Also, some chocolates are wrapped in gold leaf to give a luxurious outlook.

What is edible gold made of?

Edible gold is known by food additive E175. It is actually 99.99% of pure gold metal that is basically available in paste, liquid, or powder form. It is made of 23 or 24 karat gold. The edible gold is made for garnishing various food items.

Gold nutritional value
Gold nutritional value 

Gold nutritional value 

Gold can be eaten without any fear. The edible gold has no side effects. But it does not have any nutrition either. It is just a luxurious garnishing thing. For example, if you eat a grape with gold powder on it, you will get only the nutrition of the grape. The gold powder will not add or cut any nutrition to the grape.

Why do people eat gold?
Why do people eat gold? 

Why do people eat gold? 

Gold is entirely tasteless and does not offer any nutritional value. However, it is associated with the luxury and royalty of dining. It is used as a garnishing item to flourish the decorations of the food instantly. It derives the monotonous decorations away and adds a wealthy, expensive, and unique touch to the good. Moreover, it was vastly used in the middle ages for the large and important feasts in town.

35 Benefits of Eating Gold 

There are huge benefits of eating gold although it is too much expensive. Generally, the most luxurious people in the world can afford editable golds. Let’s see the 35 benefits of eating gold.

1. Reduces disease activity and joint inflammation

Gold treatment is an effective treatment to slow down the disease process and joint inflammation. It relieves the pain and inflammation of the joint and also prevents future joint damage too. However, this treatment does not prove beneficial for everyone. Gold actually affects the process that causes pain, disease, and inflammation. Usually, it works gradually and takes at least 3 to 6 months to show the results. So, the benefits of eating gold are active.

2. Reduces age spots

Gold tightens the skin by boosting its elasticity of the skin. It also boosts the collagen production of the skin cells. These things help to fight wrinkles, saggy skin, and other aging spots of the skin.

Benefits of eating gold : Reduces the appearance of sun damage
Reduces the appearance of sun damage

3. Reduces the appearance of sun damage

Sun damage to the skin is a daily affair for all. Sunlight tanned the skin and increased the melanin production to the skin cells. Gold forms a barrier to the skin. Therefore, sunlight can not damage the skin easily.

4. Acne prevention anti-inflammatory (do not use on acne) on any evens out skin tone

Gold has antioxidants and other medicinal properties to fight against bacterial infections. Gold also increases the blood circulation of the skin cells. But gold should not be used on active acne. Hence, eating gold may reduce acne and other skin diseases.

5. All Skin type benifits

Gold can be used on all types of skins like normal, oily, dry, or combination. Gold has lots of skin benefits such as lightening the skin tone, reducing pigmentation, protecting against sun damage and environmental damages and so many things. So eating gold benefits are applicable for all kinds of skin people.

6. Helps lighten skin

Gold Reduces the melanin production of the cells. It reduces the pigmentations of the skin. Also gold hydrates the skin deeply. The small particles of the gold get absorbed in the skin and present you with lightning and glowing skin. It is one of the first-row benefits of eating gold.

Benefits of eating gold : Fights off damaging free radicals
Fights off damaging free radicals

7. Fights off damaging free radicals

Gold purifies the blood by flushing out the toxins from the blood. Purified blood fights the radicals that can damage the skin. It also boosts collagen production of the skin and improves blood circulation. These altogether fight off damaging free radicals.

8. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Gold activates the basal cells of the skin. This activation of basal cells improves the elasticity of the skin. Tight skin becomes wrinkle-free and removes fine lines. So gold can give you a wrinkle and fine lines-free skin. Keeping you young is one of the most important benefits of eating gold.

 9. Makes skin look and feel smoother and softer

Gold has a very nice yellowish complexion of its own. If you use gold on the skin then the micro-particles of the gold glow within your skin. That gives you a soft and shiny glow. Also gold releases the toxins out of the skin. A toxin-free skin is obviously smoother skin.

10. Melanin formation and pigmentation of skin is controlled

It is rumored from history that Cleopatra used to have a gold face pack every night to enhance her skin color, complexion, and glow. Gold can control the melanin production hormone and minimal production of melanin provides you with brightening skin. It also works well for pigmentation problems of the skin.

Benefits of eating gold : Look younger almost immediately
Look younger almost immediately

11. Look younger almost immediately

Gold has vitamins and antioxidants that quash cell-damaging free radicals. Gold reduces puffiness immediately. Gold locks in hydration and removes the dryness of the skin. Gold gives you a glowy and luminous skin on point. Instant skin glowing is one of the major benefits of eating gold.

12. Slows down collagen depletion

Collagen is an essential element for both. body and skin health. It is very much important for smooth, tight, and healthy skin as well as healthy and shiny hair. But the body starts depleting collagen production after 25. Caring your skin with products that contain gold may slow down the depletion of collagen cells and boost up collagen production to the cells.

13. Prevents sagging skin

Sagging skin means losing the elasticity and firmness of the skin. As gold is very active to improve skin’s elastin and collagen production, therefore it prevents skin from being saggy.

14. Help prevent premature aging

Lack of proper moisture leads to premature aging of the skin. Using gold on the skin can lock the moisture of the skin by preventing dryness. It also increases the metabolic productivity of the skin. Thus gold helps prevent premature aging of the skin.

15. Minimizes skin inflammation

Gold is known for having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is good for the renewal of the cells and oxygen production to the cells. It can cure inflammation on the skin naturally. Some suggest that drinking gold water is also helpful to cure ulcer inflammation too.

Benefits of eating gold : Increases skin elasticity
Increases skin elasticity

16. Increases skin elasticity

The elastin quality of the skin starts breaking down with age. Using gold can boost elastin production along with the reduction of the elastin breakdown. Gold restores the elasticity of the skin and makes the skin tight and firm.

17. Helps in lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is needed for cellulite, puffy legs, discolored skin, and aching veins. In such cases, you need to remove the toxins out of the body, stimulate blood circulation, combat unnecessary fats, and drain fluids from puffy legs. However, massage plays an important role to help in lymphatic drainage. You can use gold here. As gold improves blood circulation, it helps to ease the pain also.

18. Increases the life of the skin

The tiny nanoparticles of the gold give you a better chance of glowing skin. Gold improves the firmness, elasticity, and plumpness of the skin. The gold serum is really helpful for fighting wrinkles and tired skin. Gold particles help the skin cells rejuvenate.

19. Promotes skin’s firmness

Skin starts losing its firmness with age. After 25 years skin starts losing the elastin and collagen production. Thus skin starts becoming saggy, loose, and aged. Using and consuming gold can increase blood circulation to the skin. Also, it produces collagen and elastin in the basal cells. Hence gold helps promote skin’s firmness.

Benefits of eating gold : Repairs damaged skin cells
Repairs damaged skin cells

20. Repairs damaged skin cells

The nanoparticles of the gold have wound healing properties in them. It has antioxidants, antiseptic and antibacterial properties to work through several mechanisms. Gold removes the dead cells out of the skin and boosts the growth of new basal cells of the skin. This way skin cells get repaired from damage. This is one of the important benefits of eating gold.

21. Provides a golden glow

When you consume or use gold on your skin then gradually your skin provides you with a golden glow on your skin. The nanoparticles of gold travel within your blood cells, vessels and improve blood circulation too. 

Gold has a nice yellowish golden color of its own. You will see an immediate golden glow on your face if you do a gold facial massage or use skin care products that contain gold like serums, creams, lotions, etc. And if you consume gold water regularly you will see that glow gradually from within.

22. Rejuvenates the skin

Gold ions stimulate the blood cells, nerves, and veins of the body. It improves blood circulation. Thus it gives you better textured, rejuvenating skin.

Benefits of eating gold : Lessens scarring and skin blemishes
Lessens scarring and skin blemishes

23. Lessens scarring and skin blemishes

Gold magically works at basal cells and creates new cells. Gold activates the production of the basal cells and removes dead cells. Using a gold face mask with aloe vera and vitamin E provides good antioxidants to reduce acne spots, blemishes and rejuvenate skin.

24. Stimulates cellular growth

Gold is known for stimulating basal cells of the skin. Gold has cell regeneration power. It promotes neuronal cell and neurite growth as well. Gold nanoparticles can remove the dead cells from the body and stimulate cellular growth in the body.

25. Serves as an all-natural sunscreen

Gold particles contain peptides that have amino acids that provide protein to the skin. It builds and improves the skin barrier. Gold’s antioxidant quality treats sun damage.

26. Defies the human aging process

Gold can invest a lot in defying the human aging process. The nanoparticles of gold can promote the firmness and elasticity of the skin cells from within. Gold grows the basal cells of the epidermis. The nanoparticles of gold protect the skin from environmental pollution, sun damage, and radicals. Moreover, gold delays the aging process.

Benefits of eating gold : Provide a tightening effect
Provide a tightening effect

27. Provide a tightening effect

Gold has the power to reduce long-term collagen loss and stimulate collagen production as well. It boosts the microcirculation of the skin cells. Gold stabilizes the other skin’s ingredients well. Altogether these things provide firmness and tightness to the skin.

28. Lifts the skin

A gold face mask lifts the skin very much. A regular skin massage with a gold mask helps you to fight wrinkles and sagginess of the skin. It promotes the skin’s blood circulation. It also soothes the skin with its antiseptic and antioxidant properties. 

Also gold hydrates and moisturizes the skin deeply. Gold also revitalizes the delicate areas of the skin like eye area and puffiness. A smooth, fresh, spot, and blemish-free, hydrating, wrinkle-free skin gives you a lifted and younger look easily.

29. Prevent rheumatoid arthritis

Medicines that are often used to treat rheumatoid arthritis contain gold salt in them. For example, aurothioglucose (Solganal) and oral auranofin (Ridaura) have gold salts. It has been used since 1930 to treat rheumatoid arthritis. The Handbook of Toxicology of Metals says that gold salts cure rheumatoid by inhibiting phagocytosis activities in cells.

Benefits of eating gold : Keep the heart healthy
Keep the heart healthy

30. Keep the heart healthy

The antioxidant properties of gold can keep the heart healthy. Gold helps you to remove the accumulated plaque from the blood cells. Gold again helps to boost the immune function which can boost heart health as well.

31. Boost the immune function

The nanoparticles of gold are effective for producing B lymphocytes and immune cells in the body. B lymphocytes are very important to fight any infections in the body. It helps to build up antibody production in the human body. So gold can boost the immune system in the body.

32. Improved brain function can even prevent brain tumor

The International Journal of Neuroscience states that gold can boost cognitive functions amazingly. Researchers also revealed that the nanoparticles of gold are really effective for preventing CNS infections. 

They can kill tumor cells and enhance the activity of chemotherapy drugs. Consuming gold is also helpful to prevent cancer from developing cells in the body. Many women take gold as supplements for several skin and it has a huge health benefits of eating gold.

Benefits of eating gold : Treatment for sexual disorder
Treatment for sexual disorder

33. Treatment for sexual disorder

Swarna bhasma or gold ash is widely used in Ayurveda to boost sexual function for ages. It also helps to fight fatigue, depression and increases stamina. Gold supplements are also taken to prevent premature ejaculation. Researchers state that consuming nanoparticles of gold can boost sperm productivity too. In ancient times, people used to eat and drink gold utensils to avoid sexual diseases too.

34. Benefits for females

Gold is not just ornaments for females, it has many health benefits too. Consuming gold can balance and regulate hormone production. It boosts up the endocrine function. Gold has amazing power to boost up the ova and fertilization system. Gold can also regulate the body temperature as well as prevent hot flashes in the female body.

Benefits of eating gold : Eating gold makes you live longer
Eating gold makes you live longer 

35. Eating gold makes you live longer 

There is no scientific evidence that eating gold can make anyone live longer. But eating gold has a lot of health benefits. For example, gold salts are good for reducing rheumatoid arthritis pain. Then gold isotope, Au 198, is used to treat cancer. 

Also gold treats several mental disorders like depression, fatigue, epilepsy, anxiety, sinusitis, migraine, and so on. Gold is again used in surgical cases such as for repairing blood vessels, bones, membranes, and nerves.

Other than these health benefits, gold has certain skin benefits too. Gold helps to promote skin’s tightness and firmness. It boosts elasticity and collagen production. It balances melanin production and promotes glowy and lightened skin. It also gives a better pigment-free, even, and glowy skin. 

All these benefits of eating gold help one to live with good health and good skin.

Is eating gold bad for you?
Is eating gold bad for you? 

Is eating gold bad for you? 

There is nothing bad about eating gold. As the edible gold is certified and safe to consume. Edible gold is really tiny and measured in nanoscale. So it is easily digestible. Also, the gold has no taste and nutrition of its own. So there is no chance of not linking the taste or changing the taste of the meal either. And also for non-nutritional value, the edible gold will not be harmful to anybody.

Significance of edible gold in homeopathy
Significance of edible gold in homeopathy

Significance of edible gold in homeopathy

 Aurum Metallicum is a homeopathic therapy that is made up of gold for treating various disorders. The therapy works well to treat headaches, tonsillitis, migraine, pain, anxiety, respiratory issues, etc. Meanwhile, gold is also used to treat other health issues for example,

  1. Ulcer
  2. Congestion pain
  3. Burning pain
  4. Heart palpitations
  5. Paralytic and tearing pain and others.
Significance of edible gold in ayurveda
Significance of edible gold in ayurveda

Significance of edible gold in ayurveda

Gold has been used in Ayurveda for centuries especially in traditional Indian Ayurveda culture as a therapeutic doer. It is known as Swarna bhasma in Ayurveda medicine. It is used to treat problems like- 

  1. Asthma
  2. Rheumatoid arthritis
  3. Diabetes
  4. Nervous function
  5. Gastritis
  6. Skin disorders
  7. Respiratory infections
  8. Cancer and many more

Ayurveda suggests having gold along with honey, ghee, and milk.

5 Food and drink recipes for gold 

Gold is used with foods and drinks to enhance the beauty, royalty, and luxurious touch to the dishes or drinks. There are no particular recipes for gold foods or drinks.

Food and drink recipes for gold: Drinks
Gold Drinks

1. Drinks

One can simply buy 24 or 23 kt gold leaf, flakes, or dust. Then mix the flakes or dust to the desired drink item and shake it thoroughly. Now, the drink has turned into a royal one. Pour into a simple transparent glass to see through the royal beauty of the gold drink. 

Food and drink recipes for gold: Cocktail
Gold Cocktail

2. Cocktail

mix half cup golden barley, lemon juice, and egg white in a cocktail shaker for 30 seconds. Add ice and shake again until it is chilled. Now strain the cocktail into a glass and garnish it with gold leaf or flakes.

Food and drink recipes for gold: Dessert

3. Dessert

Mix powdered sugar and flour into a bowl until they are sifted. Now add a whipped egg white and raspberry blend to the mixture. Now bake the mixture in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes. Place them on a plate and decorate with raspberries and edible gold leaf.

Food and drink recipes for gold: Salmon and gold sashimi
Salmon and gold sashimi

4. Salmon and gold sashimi

Take a salmon filet and cut it into cubes. At the same time, cut wakame seaweed and soak it in cold water for a few minutes. Then boil the water and let it rest for 5 minutes. Add one spoon of ginger juice to the water. Now, put the filets on the bed of seaweed and garnish them with gold dust or flakes.

Food and drink recipes for gold: Spaghetti

5. Spaghetti 

fry garlic in a pan until it is brown. Then add cut tomatoes to it. Cook slowly for 2 minutes. Then boil water and add a pinch of salt. Then add spaghetti and cook until it is boiled. Drain the water and mix them with the tomatoes. Place the spaghetti on a plate and garnish it with cream, sauce, and a generous dusting of gold.

Side effect of consuming gold on human body
Side effect of consuming gold on human body

Side effect of consuming gold on human body

There are no verified side effects of consuming gold as it is a rare metal to consume. Also, it does not react with the other metals or enzymes present in the body. It is easily digestible as nanoparticle gold. But anything in excess should be avoided. And If you would like to consume gold particles or supplements for any health issues then consult your doctor first before consuming gold.

History of eating gold
History of eating gold

History of eating gold

It is known that gold has been used as a food since 2000 BC. It has been eaten widely in ancient Egypt and in ancient China for large feasts. Gold was usually used in religious ceremonies as they believed that God would favor them.

Then around the 15 century, gold was used in foods to show respect and importance to the guests. Decorating food with gold became a sign of aristocracy especially in Europe and Italy in the middle ages. In the modern period, garnishing food, drink, fruits, and cakes with gold paste or dust has become a luxurious and eye-catching item to introduce in cuisine.

Uses of gold in food
Uses of gold in food

Uses of gold in food

Gold is used in food for several reasons. There are mainly three reasons for using gold in food. Firstly, gold is used for decorating food. It has been used for garnishing purposes from ancient times. It is a kind of traditional use of gold. 

Secondly, gold is also used for several health benefits such as rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, gastritis, joint pain, cognitive health, boosting the immune system, and many other things. After that, gold is considered good to consume for skin treatment also. 

Gold helps treat skin problems, for instance, wrinkles, sunburn, skin sagging, skin lifting, skin firmness, and so on.

Gold eat with safety measures
Gold eat with safety measures

Gold eat with safety measures

Only pure gold is edible which has a food additive called E175. But any gold can not be eaten. 24-carat gold or 999 gold that is 99.99% pure is safe for consumption. Then 23-carat gold is also marked safe to consume. 

The lowest purity of the gold is 22 carats for eating. 21 or 18-carat gold has other metals with them. So they become toxic and cannot be consumed and digested. 22 carat is the last limit that can be used in food. These edible gold can be taken in nanoparticles and soft form along with food.

What are health benefits of wearing gold
What are health benefits of wearing gold

What are health benefits of wearing gold?

Wearing gold jewelry has incredible health benefits. Many people face several problems like feeling chill, hot flashes, or other temperature problems caused by variations in body temperature. Gold saves these problems by regulating body temperature naturally.

Then, gold has healing properties. It is used to treat wounds or sore areas from an early age. It also prevents any further infections from the wounds. Next, gold can boost up your mood immediately. It has a positive energy that brings warmth, relaxes blood vessels, boosts energy levels, and improves overall wellbeing.

After that, 24-carat gold can soothe, ease pain and reduce symptoms of arthritis. It is used in homeopathy and Ayurveda widely. Then gold was used to treat the nervous systems and the endocrine system with some other specific ingredients.

Lastly, acupuncturists use gold needles for acupuncture treatments to relieve pain and increase blood flow in the body. This is the oldest form of using gold for health benefits.

Can I consume gold during pregnancy?
Can I consume gold during pregnancy?

Can I consume gold during pregnancy?

There is no scientific evidence of having or not having gold during pregnancy. Yet some experts have refused to take edible gold during pregnancy and also for nursing mothers.

How can i consume gold and it should be consumed in how much amount?
How can i consume gold and it should be consumed in how much amount?

How can i consume gold and it should be consumed in how much amount?

Although gold is a non-reactive and noble metal, nothing should be taken in excess. If taken in maximum quantity it may have a toxic effect on the body.

However, it is suggested to have food or water in gold metal utensils. Or you can put some gold jewelry in the water overnight and put away the jewelry and drink the water in the morning for health benefits. Otherwise, have a gold leaf, dust, or flakes to boost health benefits.

If you eat gold do you poop gold
If you eat gold do you poop gold

If you eat gold do you poop gold

Only edible gold can be eaten. Edible gold is soft, nanoparticles, and safe to consume. 23, 24, and sometimes 22-carat gold are known as pure gold that does not contain any other metals. They are chemically inactive. 

They do not react with any other metals in the digestive tract or bloodstream. As the edible gold is easily digestible so it will pass through the bowel tract. Sometimes the color of the poop may be yellowish like gold or sometimes they may pass straight without any problem if taken in maximum quantity.

Gold leaf food trend
Gold leaf food trend

Gold leaf food trend

Using gold leaf in food is the latest edible food trend around the world nowadays. It adds shine, glitter, and luxury to the food. But gold leaf contains some amount of copper in it. So excess consumption may cause toxicity in the body. 

Chocolates are seen to be covered in gold leaf nowadays. Japan innovates gold kit kat bars. Asian cuisine uses it on dessert and sweet items in high-end restaurants. Basically, gold leaf is used anywhere in any food from pizza to pasta, to chocolate to cake, to drinks to dessert to anything.

Can you ingest gold
Can you ingest gold

Can you ingest gold?

Only 23 and 24-carat pure gold can be digested. They are inert chemically and go through the digestive tract without any absorption. The edible gold comes in nanoparticles that anyone can ingest easily. However, non-edible gold has some other metals with them like copper or silver. So they can be toxic and harmful for the body to consume.


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