15 Most Expensive Showers in the World 2022

Most expensive showers in the world means the touch of ultimate luxury and comfort. Luxurious people in the world always in search of the expensive amenities to make their life more glorious and aristocratic

Let’s see the most luxurious & expensive showers in the world in 2022. The best way to rejuvenate your body and soul is to take a Shower. Shower and bath are not the same thing but some luxurious showers can give you the extreme pleasure of bath in a Shower.

Here is the list of most expensive showers in the world in 2022 including price, brands, shapes, sizes, details. images, etc.

01. Omega Morphosis

Price: $27,000 USD
Manufacturer: Pininfarina
Attraction: Shower on a Sitting position
Material: Metal
Color: Transparent or Dark

most expensive showers 2022

Omega Morphosis is the most expensive showers in the world in 2022. This shower is ready to provide you the best shower experience with 4 hydro massage jets, a perfect rain shower, steam generator and wooden seat. You can enjoy both the sitting position or the standing one. The water sliding system is so soothing that can inhale you properly after the day long tiresome. The market value of this masterpiece is $27000 USD.

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02. Aqua Symphony

Price:$24,866 USD
Manufacturer: Grohe
Size: 1016mm × 762mm
Material: Metal/plastic
Shape: Square/rectangular

most expensive showers 2022

AquaSymphony is an existing example of paradise in the earth that’s why it is one of the most expensive showers in the world. It can steal someone from the known world to divine. It is a place where water gets its own life. It is the perfect combination of modern SPA and digital technologies. Its soothing sound and rainbow colored Light Curtain can relax every hormones of human body. It has 6 different spray modes. The droplets of water falls from an Aqua Curtain, feels like a dream. Bokoma spray creates a wonderful sensation of fingertip massage into water. Furthermore, Grohe quality with German technology makes it lifetime lasting. To bring this bliss on home you have to spend $24866 USD.

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03. Horizontal Shower

Price: $24,549 USD
Manufacturer: Dornbracht
Attraction: Inclining Shower position
Material: Steel
Color: White Grey

most expensive showers 2022

Horizontal Shower is an another expensive and luxurious showers in the world. If you want to get all your tension washed away with water in laying position then this is the shower that you need. Dornbracht always try to provide different and easy things for relaxation and this is an incredible shower to get a perfect bath. It has customised Shower jets with a very friendly temperature setting module. The price is not fixed but the minimum amount is $24,549 USD.

04. Rainsky Shower

Price: $12,000 USD
Size: 1020 mm
Material: Metal
Shape: Square or rectangular
Color: Silver

most expensive showers 2022

What if you can control nature? Incredible though! But certainly you can have the natural vibes with the Rainsky shower where you can control the nature. The shower will give you the ecstasy of raindrops the way you want to. The electronic control panel drives with XTool system. The panel automatically selects head sprays, body sprays or the rain curtain. You can play them individually or even by a single touch the combination of the three.

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The three rain modes have additional taste as coloured lights and fragrance mist. You can set the temperature by yourself. The fittings are of high end qualities. To own this you have to keep 12 000 USD on your credit.

05. Colore Chemotherapy Shower

Price: $8,000 USD
Manufacturer: Ponsi
Size: 340*280 mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Light type: LED
Shape: rectangular

most expensive showers 2022

Nowadays showers has become a great way of relaxation. Chemotherapy is a therapy that gives life to the cell with the help of colors. Ponsi has given the opportunity to bring this rapture to the bathroom. This shower has nine different colors led lights. You can even change them on your wish. The warm temperature of the water with the splendid colors easily turns your mood to the world of thinkers. The market value of this mini chromo therapy is customized by the brand.

06. Axor Shower

Price: $6,810 USD
Manufacturer:  Philippe Starck
Size: 12*12 cm
Attraction: Customized mode
Material: Metal
Color: Silver grey

most expensive showers 2022

Bring a personal spa to your home by this shower. This shower can be customized to anywhere of your home. It can be set vertically or horizontally even in single or in group. This has a single jet which can be customized to many. The materials are high end and it is very safe for the walls. This according to the designers should be set at a corner of your room so you can easily have a shower mode anytime. The price also depends on the customers choice.

07. Steam Shower Room

Price: $6,450 USD (Buy)
Manufacturer: Aquapeutics
Attraction: Acupuncture massage jets
Material: Stainless Steel
Shape: Rectangular

expensive showers

It’s not merely a relaxation machine, it is a combo of some high tech items. It has a computerized massage steam room. A great aromatherapy is featured there. It has a LCD tv of 8.4 inch which is waterproof.  Acupuncture massage jets of 12 point, 6 big whirlpool bath jets and 13 whirlpool bubble bath are the main attractions of this shower. Undoubtedly the radio and the mp3 mode will take you to the tour to paradise by spending $4299 USD to own the shower.

08. PST Rain Shower

Price: $4,570 USD (Buy now)
Manufacturer: PST
Attraction: Set Recessed Ceiling Waterfall LED Mount Multifunction Shower Head Bath & Shower Faucets, Thermostatic Faucets, Cold and Hot
Material: Ceramic
Size: 68cm x 76cm x 18cm
Color: Black
Shape: Rectangle

Most Expensive Showers in the World

This set of rain showers is the one of the best comfort providers with its different format of figure. It ensures the users with the perfect experience of a shower. Also, the product comes up with features like thermostatic faucets with the balance of cold and hot water. Moreover, the PST rain shower has a finish line of brass on the surface.

It guarantees a massage water shower. Also its durability is known worldwide. Its large shower face also assures the user of a full coverage drench with a balanced flow of the water. With qualitative water pressure the shower is all ready to satisfy the quench of your body.  

09. Ariel Platinum DZ959 Shower

Price: $3,980 USD
Manufacturer: Ariel
Attraction: 6 body massage jets, handheld showerhead, rainfall ceiling shower
Material: Tempered Glass
Size: 47 x 35 x 89
Color: Black
Shape: Rectangle

expensive showers

This shower is also extraordinarily beneficial and so extravagant by the appearance. With its chemotherapy lightening, the shower is all set for providing the best kind of bath to the user. Moreover, with some massage jets and an adept of balancing the cold and hot water, the shower is highly rich in its features.

However, the Ariel Platinum shower takes a lot of credit for its metal and other materials that are used to make the complete shower. It’s amazing to feel the right amount of flow of the water is slowly drenching away all the pressure of a tired body.

10. Ameristeam P-219

Price: $3,290 USD
Manufacturer: AmeriSteam
Material: Tempered Glass
Size: 52 x 40 x 86
Color: Transparent
Shape: Rectangular

expensive showers

Enjoying the pleasure of an Ameristeam p-219 shower is a different level of satisfaction. The whole concept of the shower is based on its super technological balance of the hot and cold water. It has a sense of balancing the water temperature defining the weather temperature. For a therapeutic experience the shower is a gem.

With the steam bath enclosure the shower ensures the right pressure of the steamed water. The tranquility and serenity the shower guarantees are really appreciable. However, the specifications are also significant. The materials and high features that are used to manifest the shower are incredibly awful.

11. Royal B-602 Steam Shower

Price: $2,730 USD
Manufacturer: Royal SSWW
Attraction: Sole massage
Material: Tempered Glass
Size: 40 x 40 x 87
Color: Transparent
Shape: Rectangular

expensive showers

The Royal B-602 shower brings the real sensation of the steam water so accurately. Basically, the shower system is made based on the benevolence of steam water. The shower is all set with the steamed flow to the whole body so that it can alleviate the tiresome body muscles from pain. Also, in that way the shower introduces the body with a real kind of massage and therapy.

The serenity that the shower system provides is really cool to feel. With a complete relaxation anyone can have the appeasement of the steam shower. The steam generator is capable enough to fulfill the demands of the user and grant it with full body coverage wetness decreasing the tiresome of the body.

12. Body Spa Shower System

Price: $2,000 USD
Attraction:  Hydro massage
Material: Aluminum
Shape: customized

expensive showers

This is basically an example of the power of water as a great source of relaxation.  Hydro massage is a natural way to get rid of boredom. This shower has 10 shower jets which flows 80 gallon water in a minute.  It has the benefit of light chromo therapy. Overall this is a package for those who want to share every limbs properly wet with water. It costs $200 USD to buy this shower.

13. Ariel Platinum DS202

Price: $1,900 USD
Manufacturer: Ariel Platinum
Attraction: Acupuncture body massage jets
Material: Tempered Glass
Size: 71 x 47.3 x 87.4
Color: Black
Shape: Rectangular

most expensive shower in the world 2022

For any kind of luxurious and expensive home improvement Ariel Platinum DS202 plays an amazing role. Undoubtedly, choosing this shower is a smart solution. The shower offers both aromatherapy and chromatherapy features that allow enjoying a soothing spa at your own house!

The whole shower is manufactured with high end features that you cannot even imagine! With body massage acupuncture, ventilation fan, heat protection, showerhead that can be handled and even with a FM radio this shower is the most expensive shower in the world.

14. Bath Fitter

Price: $1,000 USD
Manufacturer: DreamLine
Material: Tempered Glass,Brass
Size: 34.38 x 46 x 72 inches
Color: Chrome
Shape: Corner

most expensive shower in the world 2022

If you want to avoid the hassle of construction of a bath in your house then Bath Fitter will be the best replacement. Thus, this shower claims to be the world’s most expensive shower. Seeing its feature we do not doubt it. The Bath Fitter is customized in a way that it fits in every existing shower base.

This shower is designed to last for a long period of time and even for lifetime. The shower is designed significantly for bathing purpose and also the other features are quite high in quality. No worries of growing any mildew or mold because the shower is made considering all the convenience of the buyers.

15. Rain Shower from Joerger

Price: $1,000 USD
Manufacturer: VoolanDirect
Attraction: Large showerhead enough to cover your whole body.
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 12 x 12 x 0.4 inches
Color: Silver
Shape: Square

most expensive shower in the world 2022

To give you a relaxing shower Rain shower from Joerger is the best to be counted. Now, this shower is the most expensive shower in the world’s shower market. With high end features and unimaginable equipment this shower represents real class.

With the biggest coverage spun ever Rain shower from Joerger shower opens all the senses and nerves of the body giving it pure relaxation. The flowing of water through the overhead takes away all the tiredness. No doubt, taking a bath in the rain shower from Joerger would cost you huge but you are worthy of relaxation too!

# Here is the list of top 10 most expensive showers in the world in 2022

  1. Omega Morphosis. Price: $27K USD
  2. Aqua Symphony. Price: $24.86K USD
  3. Horizontal Shower. Price: $24.54K USD
  4. Rainsky Shower. Price: $12K USD
  5. Colore Chemotherapy Shower. Price: $8K USD
  6. Axor Shower. Price: $6.81K USD
  7. Steam Shower Room. Price: $6.45K USD
  8. PST Rain Shower. Price: $4.57K USD
  9. Ariel Platinum DZ959 Shower. Price: $3.98K USD
  10. Ameristeam P-219. Price: $3.29K USD


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