10 Most Luxurious Cruise Ships in the World 2022

These expensive and most luxurious cruise ships 2022 in the world are only for you if you want to spend your excessive money on something great, like on a ship. Have you ever thought about what a ship that floats on a big ocean can provide you with? Have you ever thought of having a city-like environment and advantages in the middle of a big ocean only riding by a ship? Then, here we go! You may check our recent publishing: Luxurious Tourist Destinations in the World

This article of luxurious cruise ships 2022 is bound to give you the utmost pleasure to your imagination even if you are yet to visit one. It will certainly give you an enormous appeasement if you take a quick glance of the luxurious advantages of the best cruise ships in the world of 2022. You may visit: Let’s see: Biggest Cruise Ships in the World

Here is the most luxurious cruise ship in the world in 2022 where you can spend your money to touch the ultimate luxury in the sea.

01. The Seven Seas Explorer

Passenger Fare: $2,999 Per Person
Country: Marshall Islands
Manufacturer: Genova, Sestri Ponente, Fincantieri
Owner:  Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings
Operator:  Regent Seven Seas Cruises
Size:length of 732ft, beam of 102ft and a maximum draft of 23ft.
Built Cost: $450 Million USD
Launched: 30 October 2015
Completed: June 2016
Passenger Capacity: 750

most luxurious cruise ship in the world 2022

Crew members: 552
Passenger cabins: 377 (all of these are suite accommodations)
Crew cabins: 325
Yard number: 6250
Dining: 2 for lunch restaurants and 6 for dinner and a steakhouse
Balcony Features: 55 to 995 square feet
Art: 2500 pieces throughout the vessel
Food: buffet along with hybrid experience
Port of Registry: Marshall Islands, Majuro
Sponsors: princess of Monaco, Charlene
Christened: on July 13, 2016
Status: in service always
Tonnage: 54000t

most luxurious cruise ship in the world 2022

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This Explorer-Class cruise ship was launched in July 2016 by Regent Seven Seas Cruises which is a supplement of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings. It has a capacity of carrying 750 passengers with 552 crewmembers.  Seven Seas Explorer is all inclusive. A room with the convenience of having a spacious veranda is always wanted by anybody. Again, a sublime opportunity to taste the menu of high rate restaurants and summertime activities chances for the teenagers are some of the greatest luxurious segments of this ship. This luxurious ship’s next cruise has already started its journey from Miami on 11 February, 2022. And it will take its last place to Miami again by giving a round trip to its previous guests.

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02. Crystal Serenity

Passenger Fare: $1,469 Per Person
Country: Greenland
Manufacturer: St. Nazaire, STX Europe Chantiers de Atlantique, France
Owner:  Crystal Cruises
Operator:  Crystal Symphony
Size: Length: 820 ft, Beam: 106 ft
Built Cost: $350 Million USD
Launched: 10 August 2002
Completed: 30 June 2003
Passenger Capacity: 1050-1208 Passengers

most luxurious cruise ship 2022

Crewmembers: 635
Passenger cabins: 525
Crew Cabins: 540
Yard number: 1323
Dining: Prego Cuisine (Italian), Silk Road Cuisine (Asian)
Balcony Features: 85 percent attached veranda with suitable rooms
Food: grant you with high quality food values and different taste buds
Port of Registry: Nassau, Bahamas
Sponsors: Miami’s Adrienne Arsht Center
Christened: 3 July 2003
In Service: 7 July 2003
Status: In service
Tonnage: 68870gt
Outside cabins: 548
Staterooms:  548 including 4 Crystal Penthouses
Amenities: Butler service, Riedel glassware, binoculars, personalized stationery.

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most luxurious cruise ship in the world 2022

This ship provides the six star service to its guests and the wishes of guests are attended with great interest. With the designed pillows and bed cover, this ship manages to grant delicious foods by many renowned chiefs. Unlimited wine with Italian fare and entertainment from famous artists all around the world are must.

03. Riviera, Oceania Cruises

Passenger Fare: $999 USD
Country: Marshall Islands
Manufacturer: Fincantieri Sestri Ponente
Owner:  Oceania Cruises
Operator:  Oceania Cruises
Size: Length: 785 ft, Beam: 106 ft
Built Cost: $800 Million USD (Budget)
Launched: 16 July in 2011
Completed: May 2012
Passenger Capacity: 1250

most luxurious cruise ship 2022

Crewmembers: 800
Passenger cabins: 18 inside cabins
Crew cabins: as per the number of the crewmembers
Dining: GrandDining room, Jacques, a French bistro, Italian Restaurant Toscana
Food: Special wine spectator, dinner from Polo Grill
Port of Registry: Marshall Islands
Christened: May, 2012
Status: in service as of 2012
Tonnage: 66084gt
Features: photograph spaces, high quality mattress ground,
Designed with: magnificent glossy grand staircase, designer touches of extreme interior throughout the entire ship

most luxurious cruise ship in the world 2022

As you can see, this magnificent ship cruise is all alone a dynamic feature of beauty. From its accommodation facilities to its food quality, it serves a lofty treatment to its guests. And there are positive vibes all around with the top notch feelings. Here, the crews are persuasive enough to customize your wants and prospects within a minute.

04. Viking Star Cruises

Passenger Fare:  $500 USD Per Person
Country: Norway
Manufacturer: in Italy at Fincantieri, Marghera
Owner:  Viking Ocean Cruises
Operator:  Viking Ocean Cruises
Size: 227.2m in length and 28.8m in width
Built Cost: $400 Million USD
Launched: 23 June in 2014
Completed: in 2015
Passenger Capacity: 930

most luxurious cruise ship 2022

Crewmembers: 602
Passenger cabins: 465 including verandas
Crew cabins: 260
Yard number: 6236
Dining: the main dining room is The Restaurant and The World Café (buffet)
Balcony Features: 270 square feet, with the penthouse, the veranda is about 338 square feet
Food: serves international menus, set course meals including special dishes, kitchen table experiences
Port of Registry: Bergen, Norway
Sponsors: Trude Drevland
Christened: 17 May 2015
In Service: 11 April 2015
Status: in service since 2015
Tonnage: 47800t
Stateroom: 5 with personal verandas
Suites: 14 explorer suits
Features: trouble free embarkation and debarkation processes, maximum fuel efficiency and hydro-dynamically optimized streamlined hull, two pools, a fitness center, a spa, a piano lounge

most luxurious cruise ship in the world 2022

This ship, despite being an old one which sailed its first voyage in 2015, still manages to stick into the list of top most luxurious cruises. Blessings from the cores of the hearts of the guests’ come out to its services and advantages that the ship gives.  Magnificent work pieces and its elegance views turn the beauty of the ocean into a heaven. It also has a progressive deck. Sports of different kinds are played here by the sports lover in the ship. Again, theater for the theater lover people and noticeable bar for bar going people along with shopping malls.

05. Seabourn Ovation, Seabourn Cruises

Passenger Fare: $3,299 USD
Country: Bahamas
Manufacturer: Fincantieri
Owner:  Seabourn Cruises
Operator:  Seabourn Cruise Line
Size: Length: 689 ft 0 in, Beam: 91 ft 10 in
Built Cost: $380 Million USD
Launched: 2017, 1 September
Completed: April, 2018
Passenger Capacity: 604

most luxurious cruise ship 2022

Crewmembers: 450
Passenger cabins: 266
Dining: Seafood venue, casual dining (exception of buffet dining), restaurants by famous chief Thomas
Balcony Features: 68 to 83 square feet
Food: Champagne, caviar, gratis with delicious menus from the world around
Port of Registry: Bahamas
Christened: 2018, May 11
In Service: May 2018
Status: in service from May 2018
Tonnage: 40350t
Stateroom: 4
Suites: 300including balconies
Space ratio: 63
Total decks: 12
Decks with Cabins: 7
Features: VIP access outdoor lounge to the encore class, The Retreat and a daisy shaped canopy extended over it with 15 cabanas, glass dining table for two, exclusive comfortable sofa.

most luxurious cruise ship in the world 2022

As a sister ship of MV Seabourn Encore, this ship has put a remark on the footnote of its journey. Well, this ship is specially prepared for the glamour spot amusements. With its high functioning accommodation facilities and outdoor activities this ship is an example of the right milestone. It also possesses a dancing hall which is of sober manner at night and fun is filled into it. Complementary wine and other kinds of beverages are given at any place of the ship.

06. Silver Muse Cruises

Passenger Fare: $6,400 Per Person
Country: Bahamas
Manufacturer: Fincantieri, in Genoa
Owner:  Silversea Cruises
Operator:  Silversea cruises
Size: Length: 698’′, Beam: 89′
Built Cost: $500 million USD approx
Launched: 2017
Completed: by the end of the year 2017
Passenger Capacity: 596

most luxurious cruise ship 2022

Crewmembers: 411
Passenger cabins: 298
Crew cabins: 262
Yard number: 6232
Dining: 8 small restaurants including Kaiseli and La dame by Chateaux and Relais
Balcony Features: 387 square feet
Food: for special lunch and dinner the menu of sushi of different sea fish with seafood and red wine, Customary French dishes from the French ingredients and spices, complementary buffet with an offer of BBQ or grilling your favorite red meat.
Port of Registry: Genoa
Christened: April, 2017
In Service: April 2017
Status: in service
Tonnage: 40791gt
Suites: 77, have space for berths
Features: an expansive pool deck , huge refreshing pool, cool arts Café for coffee lovers, flat screen TV, huge mirrors, personal butlers.

most luxurious cruise ship in the world 2022

You will find the balconies of silver muse are not congested in manner. Rather the accommodation spaces give you the pleasure of a giant suite, so to say. These are refurbished by the eminent and celebrated interior and exterior dressers. Along with the facilities of comfortable sitting chairs and well configured beds, its foods are of a different level. Full time entertainment segments and  shopping malls with desirable equipment. 

07. Crystal Esprit, Crystal Cruises

Passenger Fare: $250 per Guest
Country: Bahamas
Manufacturer: Flender Werft
Owner:  Cruise Ship
Operator:  Crystal Cruises
Size: Length: 280 feet
Built Cost: $550 Million USD
Launched: 1989, 24 of February
Completed: 1989
Passenger Capacity: 62

most luxurious cruise ship 2022

Yard number: 647
Dining: Alfresco breakfastsat the decks along with terrace, coffee from the café of patio, the club of Yatch
Balcony Features: none
Food: open seating anytime, offers food 24 hours, buffet and traditional course menus.
Port of Registry: Nassau, Bahamas
Christened: rechristened in 2015 December 20.
Status: in service
Tonnage: 3341gt
Features: mesmerizing sun deck, space for sunbath with interesting rides which are of high charges. 

most luxurious cruise ship in the world 2022

After it was refurbished in the year of 2015, it has become one of the most contemporary luxurious ships. It may be a limited version luxury but it is a combination of authenticity and blasting bloom. It has given advantages to the sun worshippers and gives many uncommon experiences to its guests. This ship is blessed with the finest wine inflictor with other beverages as well.  

08. SeaDream II, SeaDream Yacht Club

Passenger Fare: $392 per guest
Country: Pula Croatia
Manufacturer: Wartsila Helsinki Shipyard, Finland
Owner:  Atle Brynestad
Operator:  SeaDream Yacht Club: 2001
Size: Length: 355 ft, Beam: 47 ft
Built Cost: $35 million USD
Launched: 2001
Completed: 2001
Passenger Capacity: 112

most luxurious cruise ship 2022

Crew members: 95
Passenger cabins: 56
Dining: several dining systems
Balcony Features: none
Food: Champagne and Caviar Splash
Port of Registry: Nassau, Bahamas
Christened: rechristened in 2001
Status: in service
Tonnage: 4253gt
Features: no room carries an attached veranda but loaded with high functioning equipments, down duvets, woolen blankets, Belgian planks, beds of Bali on different decks
Shore excursions: 939

most luxurious cruise ship in the world 2022

Want to spend your ideal time at a less crowded ship and make your money worth spending on it? Then there are no better ships than this Sea Dream II ship. It provides its guests with a serene mood of environment and gives many experiences providing many interesting segments. The menu of food is a blast in length and there are enormous options for the vegans as well. No harm. Peaceful, quiet area and beer on time while it is beer O clock.

09. The Gauguin , Paul Gauguin Cruises

Passenger Fare: $1,500 – $2,200 per person
Country: Bahamas
Manufacturer: Chantiers de Atlantique
Owner:  Paul Gauguin Shipping Limited
Operator:  Paul Gauguin Cruises
Size:  Length: 504 feet,  Beam: 71 feet
Built Cost: $150 million USD
Launched: 1996
Completed: 1997
Passenger Capacity: 332

most luxurious cruise ship 2022

Crewmembers: 215
Dining: multiple restaurants
Balcony Features: 70 % balconies from 200 to 500 square feet
Food: high standard of food quality with breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet.
Port of Registry: Bahamas
Status: in service
Tonnage: 19200gt
Features: 24 hour room service, complementary offers, room stewards, entertainment by musical instruments, Polynesian artists, spa services, PADI SCUBA diving programs with certificate offering.
Suites: 166
Stateroom on Decks: 3-8

most luxurious cruise ship in the world 2022

This luxurious cruise ship is filled with enormous happiness. The things that it provides will surely make you astonished. It is a full package of a city. It gives you the advantage of having unlimited wine and beverage and makes you taste the best food cooked by the best chefs from around the world. It has packages of representing movies in a star theater and opens casinos at night-time to make your holidays worth in this ship.

10. Scenic Jasper, Scenic Cruises

Passenger Fare: $4,295
Country: Keith
Manufacturer: Scheepswerf Den Breejen Shipyard
Owner:  Scenic Tours
Operator:  Scenic Cruises
Size: Length: 443 ft, Beam: 36 ft
Built Cost: $725 million USD
Launched: 2015 and 2016
Completed: 2016
Passenger Capacity: 169

most luxurious cruise ship 2022

Crew members: 53
Passenger cabins: 83
Dining: Crystal Restaurant, Table la Rive, River café, portobellos (Italian)
Balcony Features: 73 balcony suites
Food: Gelati bar’s unlimited liquor, buffet and special menus created by famed chefs.
Christened: Kathy Lette
In Service:
Status: in service
Tonnage: 2720gt
Decks: 4 with, Cabins: 3
Features: full sized balcony advantage, butler service, rooms provided with “Scenic Slumber Bed”, beautiful interior decoration with designed equipment.

most luxurious cruise ship in the world 2022

In the panorama lounge the Scenic Jasper arranges music and dancing segments with no casino advantage. This ship is all inclusive and deals with enormous kinds of fun things. It offers complimentary dinner and unlimited beer and other liquor which are free of charge sometimes. Also, the conductors of this ship are generous enough to provide the VIP guests with butlers’ service which is of great use to the VIP guests.

So, after reading this whole article thoroughly, your jaws must have dropped from its natural place. Well, the real feelings can only be gotten if you take a genuine attempt to step on any of these luxurious cruise ships. Do not just think twice, work real hard, spend your hard earned money on heavenly ships like above and make your money worth. Remember, you live only once and heaven is not far away.

# Here is the Top 10 Most Luxurious Cruise Ships in the World in 2022

  1. The Seven Seas Explorer – Built Cost: $450 Million
  2. Crystal Serenity – Built Cost: $350 Million
  3. Riviera, Oceania Cruises – Built Cost: $800 Million
  4. Viking Star Cruises – Built Cost: $400 Million
  5. Seabourn Ovation, Seabourn Cruises – Built Cost: $380 Million
  6. Silver Muse Cruises – Built Cost: $500 Million
  7. Crystal Esprit, Crystal Cruises – Built Cost: $550 Million
  8. SeaDream II, SeaDream Yacht Club – Built Cost: $35 Million
  9. The Gauguin , Paul Gauguin Cruises – Built Cost: $150 Million
  10. Scenic Jasper, Scenic Cruises – Built Cost: $725 Million


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